Leather Group

In contrast to my explorations with lambskins, which are free and expressive, my leathers are for the most part skillfully engineered to work on many levels, whether for performance on stage, or for business or indeed to make a bold statement but not least of all leather creates a great barrier for protection.

I work with all types of leather from the best producers across the globe: lamb; goat; calfskin; cow hide; pigskin. I also experiment with exotic skins from fish families of which stingray is a favourite. They all play their part in the many functions that leather accommodates: Leather as a material is made and finished in so many diverse ways to suit a multitude of end uses from garments to shoes, handbags to gloves and then on to furniture and flooring and lots more besides. It is a fantastic material to work with. I create garments, bags, gloves, and neckwear from the many leathers I keep in store.

See the variety of finished pieces here

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