‘Tremble Tremble’ Jesse Jones, Olwen Fouéré

Artist Jesse Jones together with curator Tessa Giblin will represent Ireland at Venice in 2017 with ‘Tremble Tremble’.
For Tremble Tremble Jones has mixed testimony, published statements and new lyrics to produce a collaborative work with theatre artist Olwen Fouéré, and sound artist Susan Stenger. Her new work is tied to current calls for a transformation of the relationship between the church and the state in Ireland. Part of the artist’s response is to propose the return of the witch as a feminist archetype, and a disrupter with the potential to transform reality.
The costume for Tremble Tremble came about following conversations with Jesse and stylist Alison Conneely and subsequent meetings and fittings with Olwen. Here we see images of the the pieces coming together and of the finished costume.